The Carnival of GREECE

Carnival is the celebration of disguise for young people and old people.They masquerade as various characters. Each year on Greek ‘Halloween’ a big carnival festival takes place in Patra. People have been preparing all year long for this.There is a parade of clowns and of masqueraders. At the end of the carnival festivals people burn the Carnivalos who is a big scarecrow. Carnival celebrations last four weeks.

And so this is how the Carnival season is celebrated in Greece!

Christmas in Greece

Christmas is the most important celebration for people in Greece. We decorate the Christmas tree many days before the celebration. Women make Christmas sweets with sugar (kourabiedes), melomakarona, biscuits and First Year’s pies, which we cut on the 1st of January. Also, on the first day of the year all the little children receive many presents from Santa Claus. All these days people go shopping to buy presents for their family and

During Christmas time children don’t have school. On Christmas Eve and on First Year’s Eve children go to every house in their neighbourhood and sing the carols in order to gather some money to buy toys. On Christmas Eve or very early in the morning on Christmas Day people go to church to pray.


Greece is a country with lots of places to visit. There are many sites of archaeological importance, many beautiful islands with fantastic and clean beaches, high mountains, long rivers and popular lakes.

I recommend you visit as many Greek islands as possible. One of the most famous is Santorini with its volcano. Also, don’t forget to swim in the amazing red water in some parts of the sea around the island.